Our approach is rare in the industry.  Whether for a specific project or an overall portfolio management program, you will find that with Beam & Associates:

  • Every Project is staffed with an experienced senior principal.
  • We take time to understand your business so that real estate programs support your organization's values, operations, long-range objectives, and short term goals.
  • Our principals have the experience and knowledge needed to guide your real estate programs from conception through completion.  Our expertise in asset management, planning, government relations, consensus, and team building, finance, design, and construction, assures that your real estate programs will be planned for long-term success and managed day to day with careful attention to detail.
  • We take a direct, hands-on approach.  Our firm brings to every assignment the discipline needed to complete the job on time and withing budget and a broad strategic perspective to ensure that real estate programs add value to your organization as a whole.

Choose from a full spectrum of services

Beam & Associates will tailor a package of services to your unique needs.  Choose from the following services or do as many clients do: Turn to Beam & Associates for ongoing advice on all real estate issues that affect your organization

Our Services Include:

Real Property Portfolio Evaluation.  We will analyze and determine the value of your organization's real property holdings and recommend strategies for managing real estate assets to maximize their value.  

Acquisition And Site Selection.  We will work with you to set criteria for the lease or purchase of new land or facilities, taking into consideration your organization's strategic and operational requirements after a preliminary market study, we will work with you to to determine the costs, benefits, risks, and feasibility of a new lease or purchase.  If the project is feasible, we will conduct a market survey to compile a list of prospect properties.  We will asses each property and help you develop a short list based on the physical and financial desirability of the properties.  Finally, we will negotiate the lease or purchase contract.